YouTube Offline Video Viewing Made Available in India

YouTube offline video viewing has now been made available for India. So, what does this mean? As the title in the feature suggests, you can view YouTube videos in the offline mode too. But then, there is a catch. You will not be able to download these videos nor watch them after a specific period of time.

YouTube Offline Video Viewing

Let us look at the new feature introduced by YouTube in more detail. India is one such country that has a huge Smartphone user base. The number of users is also on the rise. That is indeed good news for companies handset manufacturers and data providers. However, there is a discredit in two forms – high costs for data with speeds that’s indeed pretty boring.

To counter these two prime factors, YouTube offline video viewing comes in the picture. The slow download speeds keeps buffering the data every few seconds. India is one of those countries which experiences dull speed as against high speeds, especially in the western countries.

Offline Video Viewing To Counter These Issues

To take on these two hurdles and to protect the user base, Google has come up with this handy solution. The Vice Present of Engineering at YouTube, John Harding was speaking at a press event regarding the YouTube offline video viewing. He said that they will be using the intelligent bit-rate streaming, which will make it possible for mobiles to take care of the content

Furthermore, cutting down the buffer time by about 50% would also be possible as was done for desktop versions. However, the videos can be viewed offline – with no internet connection – for 48 hours.


So, how would Google earn from YouTube offline video viewing? Well, no wonder, the monetization has been taken care of. Actually, the ads that we normally seen when viewing videos online, will also appear in the offline mode. So, Google will still be able to serve ads as usual. To make this new offline video watching feature more effective, it will not be available for all videos.

There will be YouTube offline video viewing only for the popular content. So, the search engine giant will still get ads for the videos that are popular, which means that have high viewership.

India Is One of Three Countries

India is one of the three countries, where the offline YouTube video viewing has been introduced. The other two countries are Indonesia and Philippines. As stated above, a lot of Asian countries depend and are using more and more of Smartphone. Like India, Indonesia and Philippines also face similar issues. And with the introduction of YouTube offline video viewing, more and more users will be able to view offline YouTube content effortlessly.

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