YouTube Pay Channels to Launch in a Few Weeks

YouTube Pay Channels will soon be a reality as the company will soon be launching the feature in a few weeks from now.

YouTube Pay Channels

After the April Fool joke that YouTube will be shutting down, here’s another one from them again. One of the latest and most important updates from YouTube speaks of having paid channels in the coming days. But this does not seem to be a prank anymore. YouTube is indeed going to have paid channels.


The work for the changeover is currently underway and is very likely to be implemented in the next few weeks. The exact date is not yet fixed. If the new paid videos will have ads with them is also not clear yet.
The information about YouTube bringing in paid channels has come from a source that has promised to give out the details on the condition of holding him anonymous. So, it is not clear who the exact source of these new developments is.

It is estimated that the users would be charged only US$1.99. The company is planning to have a subscription platform that will allow the partners to have more sources of revenue apart from video rentals. However, YouTube said that it does not have anything to announce at the moment.

It was in the year 2006 when Google had purchased YouTube. The video sharing website had around 50 million users then. But today, YouTube boasts of having 1 billion hits each month.

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