YouTube will stay banned in Pakistan

Video sharing site YouTube will stay banned in Pakistan as a court in the country did not issue an interim order for restoring the services. The largely viewed site around the world has been banned in Pakistan.

It was Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah of the Lahore High Court was looking for ideas and suggestions from the connoisseur from the Ministry of IT (Information and Technology). The suggestions were sought in regard to removing the undesirable and blasphemous stuff from the site.

A petition was filed by an NGO named Bytes for All. It is the NGO that had appealed to lift the ban.YouTube-Videos
The ban was put in place in September 2012 after Google – the parent company had declined to remove the blasphemous content from their site. The ban was brought in effect by the PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) government.

There were widespread protests that had gone violent in Pakistan. However, as now there is the PML-N government, the NGO had made a request to make YouTube active in the country once again.

The deputy attorney general had gone up against the plea saying that the matter was a sensitive one. The fear was that granting access to YouTube could again trigger violent dissents in Pakistan.

However, the counsel for the petitioner said that the ban is depriving the country of the right for accessing information. Keeping the ban active is the same as not allowing a genius to work in his own field, terming it as “taking away a scholar’s pen”, the advocate said.

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