YouTube Video Preview Being Tested on Android and iOS

You can now access YouTube video preview while seeking through YouTube videos on your iOS and Android. Both these prominent OS platforms will get the new update shortly.

YouTube Video Preview

YouTube Video preview
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YouTube for android and iOS is testing out YouTube Video preview while seeking the videos with its mobile app. Google is known for its innovative details that it brings in for users. With the beginning of 2017 it has already experimented with various functions like double tap feature for skipping and rewinding the videos, pop-ups at the bottom for suggestions on pausing a video and video animation while loading videos in February and now, they are testing for previews while seeking through across iOS and Android.

With a jaw-dropping record of video playback of one billion hours in a day, YouTube team leaves no stone unturned to bring the best service for browsing online stuff. The new facility of displaying previews while seeking through a video on your android and iOS has already been there on its web interface for quite a long time and it’s good to see the same now on Android and iOS.

This allows the user to see the static pictures or previews from the scenes of the videos in frames at any point of the video the user wants by just pointing the cursor on that particular point of the progress bar. This feature is indeed useful so they tested it with the mobile app as well. The users can now see the display previews while seeking through a video on their handsets which was not available earlier.

It is little ambiguous if this new change is hitting the app for everyone as of now though this latest update is available on the new interface v12.11.57 so don’t forget to download the updated version from Google Play Store.

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