ZTE Blade A603 Leaks: Internal Images and Accessories Leaked

The ZTE Blade A603 leaks have appeared online that reveal the internal images as well as the accessories along with the prototype body. Read on to know more about the new leaks.

ZTE Blade A603 Leaks

ZTE Blade A603 leaks

The ZTE Blade A603 leaks are doing the rounds that show the internal images as well as the accessories of the phone not to forget the prototype body as well. The leak has come to the fore thanks to FCC. As you can see in the image below, the phone comes with a smooth black color  The phone comes with only a conventional camera to the back – just a single camera, unlike the dual camera setup we see these days.

ZTE Blade A603

A close look at the charger will tell you that it has an STC-A515A-Z the model number with  5V voltage. The images even show the dimensions of the smartphone as well as the travel charger too. According to the new  ZTE Blade A603 leaks, the phone will have a 2,200mAh Lithium-ION battery.

The top image shows details like the model name of e phone along with what GSM bands are supported, like 850/900/1800/18900.

Availability and Prices

As of now, there’s no word about the price bracket or the availability of the phone in the market. All we have to do is to wait for the latest info to pop up so we bring it to you as the latest update.

ZTE Blade A603 leaks


ZTE Blade A603 leaks

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