ZTE Targets India For Investment for 5G Prospects

5G prospects have started to rise and make companies are now looking forward to investing in the next generation with great optimism.

5G Prospects in India
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5G Prospects in India

We are almost good and well into 4G and this generation has now spread well into better parts of India. 5G prospects are also on the cards. One of the reasons is Reliance Jio that brought the 4G internet at a throwaway price. A lot of companies are also looking to make the 5G mainstream by the year 2019.

Spotting this opportunity, ZTE is going to push its investment in India for the same purpose. No wonder, India is a huge market and also a lucrative place to cash in on the new upcoming technology. What’s more, the trial has already started, if the reports from ZTE are anything to go by. Some of the prominent carriers include Vodafone India, Bharti Airtel and of course, Reliance Jio.

Fan Xiaobing, who is the senior VP and president of global marketing and solutions said:

“India is a very important market for us. Telecom industry is all about scale, and India offers scale. Indian telecom market will grow very fast…We are increasing our investments in India to support growth.”

ZTE is planning to introduce customized products as well. No marks for guessing, these products will revolve around the 5G generation only. And with the entry of ZTE, the race for better 5G services will heat up with the presence of the likes of Nokia, Huawei, and Ericsson already operating in India.

History of Generations in a Nutshell

The 2G had become available for the users back in the 1990s. And by the turn of the century, people had started using the 3G technology. After a gap of around 10 years, the 4G tech had arrived, which was in 2010. Continuing with the same trend and an increase in the generations on a decade basis, we should have got the 5G in 2020. However, with so many businesses and customers need a fast and furious internet connection, the 5G has hurried by a year. Most probably, in 2019, the major cities at least, should avail of this technology.


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