ZUK Z1 graced with Android 6 in Cyanogen 13 nighlies style

The ZUK Z1 was destined to get the Cyanogen 13 build, but it came too early, which wasn’t expected.

The ZUK Z1 isn’t just a face in the crowd. It is easily noticeable thanks to the official support it gets from a brand like Lenovo. And now, the latest news tells us that the device is now the first such Chinese made Android smartphone that is scheduled to get an approved Cyanogen 13 build upgrade. This will give the phone the Android Marshmallow OS.

As it has joined hands with Cyanogen officially, it was only a matter of time as the ZUK Z1 would have got the CM13 update anyhow. However, it was a tad too early to see the device on Android 6 pretty early as we are only in the first month of the year yet. It, however, comes with a caution that says the build we are talking about is a ‘nightly’ build of the CM13.

This is actually in a development stage and that’s why is expected to have a few bugs here and there. There will also be possible optimizations, which will have to be taken care of ahead of the final OTA release becomes available.

So, if you are good to go with the beta ROM on the ZUK Z1 device, proceed to CM download page from here and get the manual installation file.



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