ZUK Z2 Pro Release Date, Specs, Features and Price

Information regarding the ZUK Z2 Pro release date, specs, price, etc. will all be known once the device is unveiled on April 21. Read on to know more about the device.

ZUK Z2 Pro Release Date

It looks like rumors have finally turned true for the ZUK Z2 Pro release date and other features. The company is going to take the wraps off the device come April 21 – less than 100 hours from now. ZUK has released formal teasers and the information has come to the fore from that only.

The company had a few days back teased a fresh device, the image of which is posted below. And we will shortly know the ZUK Z2 Pro release date apart from its specifications as well as pricing pattern.


The new ZUK device will have the best processor around today – the Snapdragon 820 aside from sporting a Full HD display. You will get to have 3GB as well as 4GB options to choose from. The native memory will be a healthy 32GB. The device runs Android 6.0.1 out of the box.

As we wait for the ZUK Z2 Pro release date, the wait is also on to know if there are any differences in the rumored specs and the actual ones. And yes, the same applies for the price tags as well.

Stay tuned, we will let you know the details as soon as we have our hands on them.


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