5 Best New Productivity Chrome Extensions

Want to increase productive time while working on the computer, this article will be covering some of the best new productivity chrome extensions that you should download right away without wasting any time.

Best New Productivity Chrome Extensions

There are many ways to waste time while working on the computer because of the internet, games and various things. Sometimes, in the middle of work, I play games which actually waste lot of time. That is the reason, I started finding best Google Chrome extensions to increase my productivity and to my excitement, I find a quite few best new productivity Chrome extensions.

This article is all about those best new productivity Chrome extensions which I found while researching and think you should know about these two.

1. DND Email: “Emails” that shall not pass

There are emails hitting our inboxes all the time and more often than not it’s all junk, that’s simply not worth our attention. It’s quite and irritation to have to check the inbox every now and then. DND Email solves this problem by creating a schedule for when emails can land in your inbox. You choose the days and time and DND Email makes sure you are not disturbed during your “do not disturb” periods. You can even set different schedules for different accounts and make exceptions for important contacts or the near and dear ones.

best new productivity chrome extensions

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2. gfeed

gfeed displays your inbox in a social media like Newsfeed fashion. You just swipe through your mails and they are automatically archived, or tap on the star icon to save any mail for future reference. Available for iOS and Android gfeed makes it a breeze to go through your mails and saves your valuable time to help you do more.

best new productivity chrome extensions

3. Drag

Drag is a great chrome extension for organising your gmail inbox in a to-do list fashion. On installing the drag chrome extension the appearance of your gmail inbox changes into a number of columns and each of the individual mails are shown as cards that you can drag and drop in any of the columns. By default Drag creates three columns named “to do”, “doing” and “done”, these names are customizable and you can use whatever suits you the best. Next, you drag the emails to a relevant column, say you are attending a few emails right now, these can be kept in the “doing” column.

This way the most relevant emails are right in front of you in one place and you don’t have to go searching for them amid the constant influx of new mails in the inbox. Drag also allows you to create tasks that you can then place in any of the columns and works just like any other to-do list application. Drag pro gives you some more features like setting reminders on emails and some other nifty features.

best new productivity chrome extensions

4. Email Monster

Ever wondered how the email marketers send you beautifully designed emails that look great on all devices and feature cool fonts and graphics. While gmail does allow you to create templates for your emails, designing one is an uphill task. Email Monster provides you with loads of templates that you can make use of by simply customizing some elements to suit your requirements. There is quite a huge selection of templates, one for every occasion. So be it a Christmas message or invitation for some charity event, next time you need to send a ton of emails be sure to check out Email Monster and make your emails look beautiful and professional like never before.

best new productivity chrome extensions

5. MailTag

Did you just send a lot of emails and wandering if the recipients will ever open your mail? Well, with MailTag you can know just that. All you need to do is add this extension to your chrome or Firefox browser and add a MailTag at the end of your email everytime you want to track an email. MailTag tracks the email and gives you a notification everytime the recipient opens your mail. Whether it’s just a personal message or a little marketing e-mail for your new product, this little free extension is the best way to monitor your success.

best new productivity chrome extensions

So, these are some of the best new productivity Chrome extensions which I feel will make you more productive. If you know any such Chrome extension which are useful, you can let us know and we will include in our list of best new Chrome productivity extensions.

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