5 Remote Car Starters That Actually Work with Any Vehicle

Car technology is moving at an incredible pace, cars are now parked by themselves and can be remotely controlled. We take a look at best of the 5 remote car starters in the auto world.

5 Remote Car Starters

Car technology is moving at an incredible pace, cars are now parked by themselves, drive by themselves, and electric cars are bringing about significant environmental change, that’s making driving a much cleaner and environmentally friendly mode of transport. But if you aren’t currently in the market for a new car that can run on electricity and park itself, some simple upgrades to your current car may be the way to go.

Remote starters are the best alternatives to conventional keys, regardless of whether you want to improve your personal safety, lessen the discomfort caused by weather or you just want to save time. You do not want to freeze in a car that has been parked outside on a snowy day or even get all sweaty in your car on a sunny day. You can relieve yourself off these problems by simply installing a remote starter.

Your car doesn’t have to be brand new to have the remote starter, you can install them in any car. If you have been looking forward to buying a remote starter but you are not sure as to which one is the best then this article is for you. We are going to guide you through 5 remote car starters that work with any vehicle.

  • Compustar CS800-S

5 Remote Car Starters

The first starter to look at is the popular Compustar CS800-S. this is an affordable remote starter that gives you quality service. The starter comes with two remotes in case you lose one or it gets damaged. Each remote has 4 buttons; one for controlling the heat, the other one for automatic start from about 1000 feet away, the other one for keyless entry and the last one for accessing the trunk.

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  • Aviton 4103LX

5 Remote Car Starters

The next one to look at is the Avital 4103LX this is a cheap alternative but has rich features for the people who cannot afford the expensive starters. The Aviton also boasts of four buttons for truck release, automatic start 1200 feet away, keyless entry and a single auxiliary hookup. its specially designed for a stronger grip and has an attractive outlook.

  • Bulldog RS82-I

5 Remote Car Starters

If you are more of a do it on your on type of guy and would like to save some few dollars on the installation, then the Bulldog RS82-I is right for you. Provided that you have an automatic transmission and the knowledge of how to get the job done then you will easily install the remote starter and get it working. The remote starter comes with a DVD for instructions on how to install it and an installation kit with everything you need.

  • Avital 3300L

5 Remote Car Starters

This is a perfect mid ranged remote starter and security system. It comes as a single remote with 4 buttons. One major feature is the LCD screen which alerts you if maybe the door is not properly opened. It also has a shock sensor which can be set to warn ahead of small bumps. You will receive notifications if anything happens to your car when you are not around.

  • Viper 4115V

This list of 5 remote car starters would not be complete without including the viper 1. With this remote, you can cool or warm your car without leaving the comfort of your home. It has an automatic start range of 1500 feet perfect for you to control inside your house or office. A great feature of the viper is that you can join it with the viper smart app and get additional controls through your phone.

5 Remote Car Starters

All the remote starters mentioned above are among the best top five and the most popular ones. They can also work with any vehicle, so why not liberate yourself with one of them? Write your views about the 5 remote car starters and what you feel about them.

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