6 Best XBox One X Games That Support 4K: What’s Your Pick

Best XBox One X games are listed in this article that will support 4K resolution which surely enhances your gaming experience to a whole new level. Find out best XBox One X games listed below in the article.

Best XBox One X Games

With the advent of classic games like Clash Royale, where we talked about the February update, Microsoft has brought in the latest member to its Xbox family – Xbox One X. It comes up with the expectation to run enhanced already best XBox One X games up to 4k resolution and working at 60 frames per second. Other important things that you can notice in Xbox One X are HDR support, improved textures and perhaps Dolby Atmos Support. You can experience a whole new level of gaming experience with a powerful console.

One point that is worth noting is it needs to be patched manually so as to take out the full value of Xbox One X. A recent list of best XBox One X games has already been released by Microsoft, which are supposed take advantage of this powerful device. Now, let us have a look at the comprehensive list of games that are available in Xbox One X and will support 4K.


In this game you can probably track the movements of the beast back to its lair, go through the site of the attack and probably look out why it went so aggressive. This game is visually gorgeous, and it is marked as the most detailed game ever in the world. The game has thoughtful writing, which makes it great for humanity. A slight point of worry is that it can be a bit difficult to handle for women. It comes up with a slightly chunky combat not very ideal for storytelling.

best xbox one x games

2. Minecraft

Minecraft works on a single concept, i.e. survival. You can enjoy the game in two cycles: day and night cycles. During the day cycle, you can gather various resources such as digging holes, fishing or perhaps planting crops. During the evening time, you can spend time mining underground tunnels, building tools and probably running outside being chased by various monsters. This game is quite crisp and gorgeous. In addition, performance wise this game is a beast.

best xbox onex games

3. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is a slow and methodical game which is quite tense and frightening. It is indeed the return of horror series games. In this competition, every missed shot would cost a lot and would be indeed a small scale disaster. Every time you miss a crucial item in the game, you would wonder if you could find that item in time again.

This game is quite frightening and tense and is beautifully detailed with the uber-creepy haunted house. In addition, it comes up with checkpoint system and liberal save which makes it perfect to play. You can even feel harrowing and intense while playing in PlayStation VR. Some demerits of this game are that you can sometimes experience slow movements while playing this game. In addition, sometimes the boss fights can sometimes turn from intense to dull and irritating.

best xbox one x games

4. Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 is one of the best XBox One X games which comes up with a model of game leaping from various buildings, destroying bad guys with different crazy weapons as well as collecting orbs making it one of the best game in 4k solution. In addition, it also lets you to power the destruction of 10-player multiplayer mode of Crackdown 3’s which can easily blow away the city to dust. This game comes up with an outstanding graphic which can indeed boost your gaming experience.

best xbox one x games

5. Ashen

Ashen is an action packed RPG game with a minimalist art style which is quite captivating. Xbox One X adds visual flair to this game. At a 4k resolution, the dark and haunting forests and various enemy creatures would add a great world of fantasy. It is proposed to be released on 30th April 2018.

6. Super Lucky’s Tale

Super lucky’s tale benefits a lot from Xbox One X although many feel that it is not the kind of game you would probably play at 4k resolution. It is a great 3D platform which brings various classic games such as the Super Mario series and the Crash Bandicoot in mind. It looks extra vibrant with its uniquely colorful world at a 4k resolution. In addition, this game runs at a speed of 60 frames per second, which reveals the extra smoothness that is required for making key and long jumps.

best xbox one x games

These are some of the best Xbox One X games that support 4K resolution. Do let us know which one of these best Xbox One X games you like the most.

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