6 windows shortcuts to ease your work

Those of you who need to use the computer every day, there will be a need to use the shortcuts to ease the work. Using a mouse every time can eat that extra bit of time and when the processes are regular, knowing the shortcuts is of prime importance. Here are 6 windows shortcuts to ease your work.

CTRL + C – For copying selected text

By pressing the CTRL key and the “C”, you can copy the selected text or any other item. To copy the selected item, you can also use the combination of


In MS Word, to select an entire paragraph, click the left mouse button three times.

CTRL + V – For copying selected text

Using “V” with CTRL, you can paste the selected text or the item. Another option is to use SHIFT + INSERT
CTRL + Backspace – For deleting words
The fun with the CTRL + Backspace is that it deletes one full word, instead of removing every single character.

CTRL + SHIFT + Left/Right Arrow

For selecting an entire word, using the combination of CTRL + SHIFT + Left arrow selects the entire word to the left of the cursor, while with the right arrow, a word to the right is selected.

ALT + Tab

The ALT + Tab brings forward a horizontal list of currently open programs. The title of the page also appears at the bottom so you know which program you have to select. Moving between more than one tag in one open window.


The combination of CTRL + Tab works for switching between the tabs in one single open window. With each tab, the next window appears. If accompanied by SHIFT, the windows open in the reserve order. With numeric “1”, “2”, etc with the CTRL key, you can directly jump to a certain tab directly without moving through the tabs in between.

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