Acer Connected 360 Degree Camera: IFA 2017 Launches

Acer Connected 360 Degree Cameras are two among many products launched at IFA. Holo360 and Vision360 are the cameras that let Acer join a new vertical of cameras.

Acer Connected 360 Degree Camera

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Acer connected 360 degree cameras are new and interesting. The specs and features are making everyone’s jaw drop. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 mobile processor; Holo360 is a high-quality camera due to ImmerVision certification.

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The photo resolution is 6.9K and that of the video is 4k. The display is a 3-inch touchscreen and very smooth to touch. Acer has taken the quality of cameras at a higher level. The operating system is Android 7.1 Nougat and one can share the photos directly to one’s favourite social network.

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Vision360 is for those who are on the go frequently and love capturing videos while travelling. With this camera, you will get crisp and stable photos without any issue of travelling. It stabilizes the photos and gives it a perfect feel. The 4k Quality video is its speciality. Owing to the GPS enabled technology in the camera, you can learn where an incident had taken place. Family trips to your favourite places can get interesting now.

Holo360 is priced at $429 for the people in North America. The availability will be from November.


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