Amazon Echo Show Launched With 7” Touchscreen

Amazon launched a new voice-enabled Echo show speakers with an amazing 7″ touch screen. The new device can be an interesting addition to the existing list of smart home products.

Amazon Echo Show
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Amazon launched its voice-enabled Echo speaker equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen.  This is a new addition to its line of “smart” home devices after the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire tablets.

 Voice Enabled Smart Speaker 

The Amazon Echo speaker can take voice commands for displaying weather forecasts, news, and lyrics of the song that the user is listening to such as YouTube/Amazon videos or cooking tutorials and other tasks. Thus, users can go hands-free while cooking dinner in the kitchen or while doing the chores of the home.  The device can also be connected to other Wi-Fi enabled devices of the house like security cameras that can be integrated with Alexa AI voice assistant.

 Make Video And Audio Calls Using Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show comes with a 5MP front-facing camera placed on the frame that allows users to make video calls. The Amazon Echo Show speaker lets users make video calls to other Echo show devices, iPhones with Alexa app and to Android smartphones. Users who connect to the previous Echo models such as the original Echo and Echo Dot will be able to make audio calls only. This is because the older models do not come with screens and cameras for making video calls.

 Amazon Echo Show Price and Launch Date

The video and audio calls made across these devices are free. The new Amazon Echo Show will be available for purchase from July 28, 2017. The Echo Show voice enabled smart speaker is priced at $230 (Approx. Rs. 14,900), which makes it the expensive Echo model ever made. The original Echo device went on sale for $150 when it was launched. Its successor and smaller version Echo Dot was priced at $50. The $230 Amazon Echo smart speaker is indeed an interesting buy for a smart home.

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