Android 4.3 update to HTC One and Google Play editions

The update for Android 4.3 will now be available for the HTC One and Google Play editions. The update is already out, which is tagged as 4.3 Jelly Bean. The OS was launched with the next generation of the Nexus tab in the previous month. The updates first understandably came for the Google devices.

It is understood that the Google Play editions will soon get the updates. Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One and will soon be having their updates. However, according to AnandTech both the Samsung and HTC One are at the moment getting the updates through OTA (over the air).Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini For HTC One the size of the update is 180 MB and for that of Samsung Galaxy S4, it will be 150 MB.

The update comes in straight away after both Samsung and HTC brought out the Android 4.3 kernel sources. The update has been developed by OEMs. The best thing is that the updates do not bring any changes to the user interface.

Restricted profiles are one of the new features of the updates. It allows the users to put a ceiling on the usage of the apps on Android devices. Dialpad autocomplete is another feature of the update that brings the autocomplete usage into play.

It displays names as well as phone numbers of the entries that already exist in the database. Tap typing recognition is another feature that will make chatting even easier. Input text typing gets easier with this feature. The same feature is also active when you are composing an email.

There is an arch based menu for the updated camera application. Controlling and switching between the camera settings wasn’t as easier as before.

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