Android Battery Saving Tips You Must Know

Android battery saving tips is a must know for Android users these days. Apart from using their Android devices efficiently, not allowing the battery to drain away like that is a major concern. Why only users, even Android phone manufacturers are facing this issue.

Android Battery Saving Tips

We had published another article regarding battery saving tips here. Before moving forward to the tips, we will first take a look at the possible reasons for Android battery draining.

Screen Size

The screen size plays a key role in the battery life. Remember, the larger the screen size, the faster it will drain out. And in these days of high competition for clarity and resolution, the screen sizes are also getting larger. This means, the load on the performance of the battery increases, which eventually makes it lose the charge quickly.

Extended Use

Extended use of your Android your phone can cause your Android phone battery to drain faster. The reason is that a longer and uninterrupted use makes the battery work longer. The longer it runs, the hotter it gets, thereby hastening the Android battery draining.

It’s vital that you identify yourself with the Android battery saving tips to get more out of your battery life.

By the way, there are many more possible reasons why Android battery draining could take place. But as of now, we have to focus on Android battery saving tips.


Please note that there are various versions and customizations of Android OS. These tips aren’t targeted at a certain version. So, explore your Android version in case you cannot follow these exact steps.

Reduce Screen Brightness

As we stated above regarding the increase in the screen size, the brightness also plays its part in draining the battery faster. Extended screen size with higher brightness can do no good to your battery.

How to Solve

Accessing Settings=>Display=>Brightness can allow you to change the brightness settings. It is advised that you set the level to “Auto”. This means the brightness can adjust itself according to the surroundings.

Sync with Caution

The Android battery saving tips includes the sync option. But remember it is a double-edged sword and should be used with caution. Unless you require the data from your email app to be updated, it is best to set longer intervals.

What’s more, it is better still to set the updates to manual, if you can do without your Android phone for mail updates. If you set it to manual, the updates are manual only when you open the app.

How to Solve

Access Settings=>Accounts=>Google=>Accounts. If you are having a Google account and signed in to a service on your Android device, you are likely to see your email ID on this screen. From here on, you can select what to sync and what not.

Turn off Connectivity

One of the best Android battery saving tips is to turn off the unnecessary connectivity. Keep it on only when you need them or are using them. At all other times, it is best to have them off.

Actually, a lot of battery energy is sucked by the connectivity functions like GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As a matter of fact, the GPS eats the most out of your battery. So, the best advice would be switching off these radio signals if you aren’t using them.

How to Solve

For using most such functions, swipe down on your home screen and you will see options GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options at the background. Tapping them once will turn them on/off.


In this article, I have made an honest effort to bring to you the best possible Android battery saving tips. If you are aware of any more effective tips, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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