Android Nougat 7 Vs Apple iOS 10 | Which is Convenient?

At the moment, the two most popular OS platforms are Android Nougat 7 and Apple iOS 10. Both platforms got their latest iterations one after the other. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Android Nougat 7

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Presently, we have the latest editions of the both popular mobile operating systems, Android Nougat 7 and Apple iOS 10. Both OS platforms have been released in a short time gap in between each other. Both OSes are equally proficient in their own way. However, there is still a need to take a closer look at what the features of both the OS platforms are.

Even if the problems are similar, Google and Apple see them in their own way giving the users different perspectives on a single enhancement. What could be the ways to compare Android Nougat 7 and Apple iOS 10?

Android Nougat 7 v Apple iOS 10: Messaging

All of us are aware of the power of mobile messaging like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, and the likes. These apps have virtually revolutionized the way people send and receive messages. A recent update to WhatsApp that brought the Quote and Reply feature added to the weight and number of users WhatsApp commands worldwide. Snapchat also had recently introduced the controversial Photo Filters and before that had added the video calling feature as well. There are a number of features on such mobile messaging platforms and it’s certainly a blog to both Android Nougat 7 and Apple iOS 10.

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Interesting Features

There’s hardly any doubt that neither Apple nor Google have liked this. They know it’s a tough competition with these apps having millions of monthly active users. Apple has paid a lot of attention to iMessage in iOS 10. To make messages more interesting, Apple has tweaked it with features like icons and animations. Even emojis will be seen in active use now.

Taking the competition from these messaging apps and iMessage, Google decided to go all out with a standalone app instead. We are talking about Allo. Having a stable like Google, Allo is just set to be a game-changer in the world of messaging. The reason is Allo, isn’t just only a messaging app. It allows you to carry out a Google search, book your table at your favorite restaurant, etc. And it all happens right from Allo. Allo will also “learn” things from your sharing media and text as you work with it.

There’s no doubt that both iOS 10 and Android Nought have interesting features this time around. However, Google seems to be more ambitious with Allo.

Android Nougat 7 v Apple iOS 10: UI

One of the first things we “see” on a smartphone is the UI, user interface. The new OS platforms more or less look like their respective predecessors. Be, it the Android Nougat 7 or the Apple iOS 10, none have got a major overhaul in terms of their looks. So, does this mean there’s nothing to compare and talk about as far as the user interface is concerned?

Talking about the recently announced iOS 10, it has pushed the 3D Touch of the previous iteration a tad further. It can work on an iPhone 6 family, something like an iPhone 6s. Pressing an icon will show up widgets. The options will allow accessing the inside functions of that particular app without the need to actually open the apps like we used to do earlier. Other features are like the ability to run Recent Apps and run two apps at the same time make it even better.


3D Touch

As for the Nougat 7, it looks very similar to the iOS 10, where Google seems to be following Apple’s tech for pressure sensitive screens. If you have gone through the developer preview or know the latest on Nougat 7 a bit, you’ll notice that there are shortcuts used by Google that resemble iOS features. Earlier reports had indicated that the 3D Touch might miss Android N at the time of launch. A firm and solid press on the icon are all you need for that.

Android Nougat 7 v Apple iOS 10: Notifications

As a matter of fact, Notifications are a part of the UI only. And both Apple and Google know how to go about their businesses. There’s a big change in the way these two companies are handling this features in their respective OSes.

Speaking about the iOS10, the 3D Touch has a major say in the way notifications behave there. You can take various actions and expand the notifications and take a lot of actions then and there. One of the most obvious changes is that the notifications menu has been converted in a standalone menu. And you will see the “Today” view missing from now on.


As far as the Android Nougat 7 notifications are concerned, they are now designed to use the majority of the phone’s screen. That comes along with the use of a different font too. To simplify things, a lot of more extra information has been added as standard information. The new notifications now also allow you to reach the settings toggles pretty easily. Another upside is the ability to stack the notifications.


There are hosts of things on which you can compare the Android Nougat 7 and Apple iOS 10. We have selected only the best three for comparison. This would make it easier to spot the upside and downside of the features mentioned herein. To tell you in a nutshell, by having functions like 3D Touch, Apple’s surely looking to bridge the distance between its features and third-party apps.

Google isn’t doing much different either. Google’s app icon shortcuts are more or less parallel with the iOS 10. We asked above, which the more convenient OS to you is. By the way, “convenient” is a subjective term. So, it depends on what feature you are using and how user-friendly it has been made.

Do let us know your views and what you think should be improved. We always welcome your comments.


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