Anti Snore Wearable Will Help You to Have a Good Sleep

The all new Anti Snore Wearable will alarm you to stop snoring like your bed-partner who pokes you to turn to the side. This wearable seems like a boon to people who urge to get a better good night sleep.

Anti Snore Wearable


Snoring sometimes becomes a problem for you as well as for your partner. As a matter of fact, a sound and good sleep at night is a very essential for a better health perspective. At times, when you snore at night you must have got a poke from your bed-partner to stop snoring and sleep properly. Well, that’s not your problem it’s just a wrong position that you are sleeping. has now developed a new device that will alarm you when you are snoring and hence you will turn your side. The innovative Anti Snore Wearable will be linked to a smartphone application named as ‘Do I Snore’. This app will spot snoring and eventually send a signal to the wearable. As the wearable receives the signal, it vibrates gently. Therefore you will get intimated and would change or adjust your sleeping position. Easy and simple, isn’t t?

Anti Snore Wearable

The wearable contains a soft and elastic strap, which will give you a comfortable feeling. There is a premium leather holster for flexible carry. The small and effective wearable works perfectly well for your good sleep.

Anti Snore Wearable

The application is designed with an algorithm which can differentiate snoring sounds. So if there are multiple people in the room, it will recognize your snoring. It prepares a record of your snoring pattern and therefore assists you to find out the immediate influencer for snoring. Yes, snoring can get influenced by smoking, medication, and alcohol.

Using The Wearable

You can use the wearable very easily. First of all, you just need to put the device on your arm. Then, start the application and connect it to the device. Now, connect your phone to its power so it doesn’t get discharged. So here you are set for a good night sleep.

Anti Snore Wearable

The Do I Snore app is currently available for free in both Apple Store and the Google Play Store.


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