Apple to apply for iWatch trademark in Japan

According to the reports, Apple has applied for an iWatch trademark in Japan. This has added fuel to the earlier rumors that it is just a matter of time before iWatch makes its appearance.

The US-based company has, however, decided to keep silent about the entire issue. They haven’t even commented about any such device as yet. But applying for the trademark proves that Apple certainly has got a wearable device in the making.iWatch

Apple is taking caution that the name “iWatch” remains safe. iWatch falls in the category of a handheld computer or a watch gadget. This is known as the company has filed for such a category in Japan almost a month ago.

Tim Cook had spoken about the possibilities of wearable devices last month during the D11 Conference. That was enough for the rumormongers to get going. All types of rumors flooded the tech sections.

A few months ago, there were reports that a team of around 100 people was working on the design of the product that resembles a wristwatch. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) saw a patent being filed.

The patent was for a device that resembles a bracelet, which was thought to be the iWatch. This ‘wristwatch’ has a full and flexible touchscreen.

There was going to be a reworked version of the iOS for this watch, some reports suggested. Making calls, checking the identities of the people making calls and checking out the map coordinates are some of the features of this device. That’s not all. It also has sensors and a pedometer, which allows collecting various data about the person’s health and monitoring the heart rate.

Wearable gadgets are getting popular day by day when it comes to computing devices. It was the Pebble Smartwatch that took everyone by storm last year. After Pebble Samsung and Microsoft are also thinking seriously about having their own Smartwatches.

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