Apple assessing motion detection for iPhone

If the reports are to be believed, Apple is currently assessing motion detection for iPhone for the future releases. The motion controls for the head movements are currently being tested out. The aim is to allow the users to let them control the iPhone with mere head movements.

The latest operating system for mobiles, the iOS7 comes with this feature. The feature will be active for the update for everyone during the fall. The option can be accessed through the accessibility
The front camera in the devices like the iPad or the iPhone is used for detecting the head movements. As and when a user selects the feature, all options are run by the system that is built in.

The head movements like turning the head towards the left or the right can be associated with various tasks. These tasks can also bring the user back to the home screen. There are many companies out there that are currently emphasizing gestures to manage devices.

In such a scenario, for the people who have trouble in controlling the gadgets or have problems due to various disabilities, these gesture features turn out to be a godsend.

Apart from these devices, the Microsoft Kinect also makes use of high-quality cameras to ‘catch’ the body movement. Leap Motion will soon be releasing a similar device with powerful cameras. The Kinect is so powerful that it can even detect the skeleton apart from the person’s face and other expressions, while the Leap can easily make out the finger movements.

Samsung is also actively developing devices with motion control. One of the features of these devices includes eye scrolling as well as a wave gesture by the hand by which one can control the Galaxy S4.

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