Apple to bring in 13 inch jumbo ipad

Apple is rumored to be busy with 13 inch jumbo iPad that could have almost 13 inches of display. There are reports that the company is asking suppliers from Asia to bring in prototypes of larger screens. At the same time, some reports are also claiming that Apple could soon bring out cheaper iPhone Mini.

The 13-inch iPad tab is in the news like hot cakes. The Wall Street Journal has said that the suppliers from Asia have got calls from Apple asking for prototypes of the iPad screens, which are not less than 13 inches in width. This means they could be more than 3 inches bigger than the iPad’s present model.Apple iPad 13-inch

If one goes on to believe the rumors then the giant iPad from Apple could be of the same size as that of the MacBook Pro. What’s more, there are laptops that have smaller screens like the HP EliteBook that has 11.6-inch screen.

These reports come close on the heels of the previous reports where Apple was said to be working on 4.7-inch plastic iPhones. Not only that, they will also be available in various colors like red and yellow. As far as the current iPhones are concerned, they come only in two colors – black and white.

Apple is also busy with a 5.7-inch phablet. That is tagged as a larger iPhone and will have the functions of both a tablet and a phone. The iPhone Mini is also one that cannot be left behind. The gadget could follow Samsung and have a plastic case with a glass front.

Apple’s annual event is just around the corner – it takes place in September. This time around, the iPhone 5S could be at the center of the event as there are already lots of talks and rumors about the upcoming gadget.
The US-based company can launch the iPhone Mini earlier so that it does not come in the way of the iPhone 5S launch. However, the company may launch both the devices together during the event. The Mini might come in the curved back and could be thicker than the iPhone 5S.

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