Apple can’t ban Samsung Smartphone sales in the US forever; loses bid

Apple has lost the bid to permanently ban the Samsung Smartphone sales in the United States.

The request made by Apple has been rejected by a US judge for the permanent ban. This has, no doubt, come as a blow to the US-based company in its battle against the South Korean company for the global patent.

The District Judge Lucy Koh commented that Apple hadn’t provided enough evidence to rule the decision in their favor. There were lesser evidences to prove that the patented features could hold back Samsung’s sales in the US market.Apple Logo

The battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on for the past three years or so. The legal battle is on for a variety of Smartphone features that are patented by Apple. One of the features includes the use of fingers for pinching and zooming the screen in and out. The flat back of the phone and the black glass screen are other features.

The US juries awarded Apple in excess of $900 million. However, the company could not find an everlasting sales ban on Samsung – one of the strongest rivals of the company.

Apple was awarded more than $900 million by U.S. juries but the iPhone maker has failed to sustain a permanent sales ban against its rival. Samsung earned $7.7 billion in the last quarter. The verdict came on Thursday. But that’s not the end of the game. There is another trial coming up this month later on.

The new trial involves some newer Samsung Smartphones. This could also mean more problems for Apple to stop Samsung from selling more models in the US.

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