Apple iPhone 6 Review: What You Spend Is What You Get

The Apple iPhone 6 review shows that the money you spend on your favorite Apple gadget is worth it. The Retina HD display is one of the best out there and probably the best you may have seen.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

After all the hype and hoopla created around the iPhone 6, here is a chance to have a look at the device with a closer look. There has been a lot talk about the Apple device and finally the Apple iPhone 6 review is here.

Display & OS

The iPhone 6 comes with 4.7 inch LED backlit IPS display with a screen resolution of 1334 X 750p.

The iPhone 6 comes with the latest version – the iOS 8.

Processor & RAM

The device has an A8 chip along with 68-bit, which is coupled with M8 motion coprocessor. The RAM in the iPhone 6 is 1GB, which is enough for smooth processing for standard use.

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Internal Storage

There are three options for internal storage that you can choose. According to the Apple iPhone 6 review there are 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage option.





The A8 processor in the new iPhone 6 is way too faster than what speed its ancestors offered. That’s why the better and improved performance can be one of the prime reasons for the potential buyers.

If you launch apps with the iPhone 6, they will be launched lightening fast. But, the real fun is in the camera powered by the A8 chip. The Apple iPhone 6 review of the camera is pretty interesting.


There are two cameras in the iPhone 6. The rear camera is 8MP, while the front camera is 1.2MP shooter.

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The camera works so fast with the A8 processor chip that you do not even come to know the camera has actually taken a picture and is ready to get the next clip. But yes, the phone is liable to heating when you use it with apps for long distances.

There are two options in the iPhone 6 camera – timelapse video and slow-motion. The best thing about these options is that they are pretty easy to use and still give you high quality professional images. Even if you keep clicking photos one after the other, the phone neither hangs nor does it compromise on quality.


The iOS8 does not disappoint you on the customization front. You can customize according to your liking, which is the best part for many users. The software asks you how you would like customize your icons – large or small. This all denotes only one thing – Apple is learning and improving.

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The notification center is more actionable than the previous OS versions. The pull up control allows you accessing the AirDrop. As the iPhone 6 is also designed for India, Siri is smart enough to understand the Indian accent.


The battery in the iPhone 6 is worthy of an exceptional mention. Even when the phone was at 70% it drained only about 15% even after a 90-minute live streaming. Moreover, the battery could be used for more than half a day with a backup. This means, with standard use the hone can easily give a backup of more than 24 hours.


Apple iPhone 6 review gives a complete picture of what the gadget has to offer. Each penny of the bucks you spend is worth you spend. There is no doubt that this is the best of the flagship phones from Apple. The best thing is that users now get two phones at the same price tag.

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