Apple iPhone 6 sales set the world on fire: Analysts

Apple iPhone 6 sales will be one of its kinds that will ‘will set the world on fire’ feel some analysts. The sales that still hide in the belly on the future will be ‘unbelievably massive’. The prediction has come for the second half of this year.

Apple iPhone 6 sales

Apple will soon launch a brand new iPhone with a large screen. Last Tuesday Apple came up with the report that they sold 35.2 million iPhones. The sales were for the second quarter. This means there was an increase of around 13% as compared to the last year’s same period.

Wall Street had predicted the sales would be 35.8 million and the actual sales were just slightly below the level. However, even these Apple iPhone sales came as a surprise to some people for the reason that they have seen drop in sales, especially in those quarters before the launch of a new iPhone model. So, one can imagine the Apple iPhone 6 sales.

“That tells me when the next generation comes out, they’re going to set the world on fire”, said Van Baker of Gartner.

Apple iPhone 6 sales

Introduction of new iPhone models

It has even become a habit for many people and the iPhone lovers to expect at least one, if not many, new iPhone models in the month of September and also in the ensuing months. One reason for these expectations could be the leaks of the components that take place every now and then.

The new models will have a 4.7-inch screen and there will be even bigger another model with a screen size of 5.5-inch screen. The phones are likely to be released later this year or even could be pushed to the next year.

Analysts’ predictions

The predictions from analysts say that Apple iPhone 6 sales will be thick and fast this time around. Actually Smartphones that come with bigger screens are increasing their presence in the market. And if these phones come from the house of Apple, the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 sales will grow up, no doubt.

It must be said that the screen sizes for Apple iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S remained the same as before, though the display had gone up from 3.5-inch to 4-inches. The CEO, Tim Cook feels that for Apple iPhone 6 sales, China remains one of the best opportunity centers for growth.

It remains to be seen how the Apple iPhone 6 sales does in the market when it gets launched as there are now a lot of expectations from it.

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