Apple iPhone X Prices Slashed in India; Prices Start Rs. 29,900

The Apple iPhone X prices are down now after the Cupertino company released its cheapest variants. This opens up the opportunities for a wider audience reach in the Indian market.

Apple iPhone X Prices in India

Apple iPhone X prices

The last Apple was in the news was when it was reportedly going to release the RED iPhone 8. After around 3-4 months of playing in the dark, Apple has again made it to the headlines with the release of this new flagship.

In the past, while everyone wanted to pocket the latest iPhone, only a few could afford to purchase it. But now you can! Apple has dropped the prices to an eye-catching level. The new gold color is quite impressive, the speaker volume is excellent and the display is still incomparable in the market.

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Apple iPhone X prices

You can get iPhone XS on pre-order in most countries around the world from September 14, with the handset going on sale globally from September 21 if you want to pick it up from a store.

iPhone Prices

That being said, the iPhone XS is still going to be one of the most costly phones you can buy. This is, apart from the iPhone XS Max, which will have the eye-watering price tag of $1,099 / £1,099 / AU$1,799). According to the experts, iPhone X failed to boost up the global demand which has Declining iPhone X sales. And thus the price is being kept nominal with an aim to boost the sales and make it available to the public at large.

The new phone is largely similar to last year’s iPhone X. But there are some key changes like the new X has 512GB of storage, all enhanced display with improved speed and camera performance. You will notice many more upgraded features. And, this will attract you but the sad side is the price is quite higher than iPhone X comparatively which one of the reasons that have decreased the demand of the new iPhone XR or iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. The prices of the other iPhones are also expected to face a likely downfall.


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