Apple Macbook Air vs HP Spectre Review: A Total Showdown, Who Will Win?

Apple Macbook Air vs HP Spectre

For years, Apple has had a monopoly over super-thin and light laptops. The Macbook is the answer to portability and sleek design. Its retina display is superlative and packs as much power as the design is stylish. Is there a laptop to compete with the Macbook? Now there is. It is the HP Spectre.

The HP Spectre is thinner than the Macbook if that can be believed. There are more ports, and it has a more powerful core processor. Let us make a study of Apple Macbook Air vs Hp Spectre. The HP Spectre is 0.41 inches to the Macbook Air’s 0.52 inches. The design of the Spectre is better than the Macbook’s too. It has a double-toned body, made of carbon fibre and aluminium. The combination of the colours, ash black and copper sets it apart from the Macbook Air. The fact that the Spectre’s polished hinge picking up fingerprints easily is not enough to detract its fans. It is a convertible laptop, and the screen can be turned halfway around on the hinges, for better viewing of videos.

The Spectre’s display is larger than the Macbook’s, at 13.3 inches and is heavier. This does not change the fact that design wise it competes well with the Macbook. More importantly, in the race to being thin, the HP Spectre does not compromise on USB ports like the Apple Macbook does. The Spectre has three USB ports compared to the Macbook’s one, for charging the device and attaching peripheral devices like an external display. The Spectre sports speakers from Bang & Olufsen. This may seem like an unnecessary detail till you try to listen to your favourite music video. However, HP claims that the Spectre has been designed for the style conscious professional and business traveller.

On the flip side, the reversible hinge fails to impress. It doesn’t do the job it is made to do. Once reversed, the screen cannot be kept still. Besides, the touchscreen is missing, and it has no tablet mode. These could indeed be negatives if it did not look so impressive and did not run on a powerful processor.

This was our Apple Macbook Air vs HP Spectre review. What do you think? Share your views in the comments section below.

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