RED iPhone 8: Apple to Release the RED variant of the iPhone

After the iPhone 7, the RED iPhone 8 became all the rage. Apple is reportedly banking on that and is going to release a RED iPhone 8 soon under a partnership with Product RED.

The Red iPhone 8

red iPhone 8

Apple is reportedly going to release the RED iPhone 8 on Monday, April 9th. This comes after a partnership between Apple and RED, an advocacy group dedicated to combating HIV/AIDS in Africa. Though a leaked memo states that the phone will be available for pre-order, there’s no word on any other details.

It also seems that Apple has listened to a few major complaints from last time when the iPhone 7 premiered in RED. The white front of the phone was heavily criticised for not suiting the red back body of the phone. But this time, Apple released the iPhone 8 with the all-black front which looks gorgeous. Though this RED variant is available for the time only for the iPhone 8, it is still not clear if the iPhone X will also be receiving the same RED variant. Apple though has released a red folio case for the iPhone X.

Product RED, the company partnering with Apple was founded in 2006. And licenses its name to other private companies to use in their products. This is an effort to highlight their efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in eight African countries. This also means that when you buy a RED Apple product, a part of the sales goes to the organization. It helps them in their research and voluntary work.

This is also not the first time that Apple is partnering with this company. Apple had previously released limited edition (RED) edition iPods, iPads, and cases, and Apple had also released the (RED) edition iPhone 7 last year, which serves as a predecessor for the RED iPhone 8.


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