Apple set to announce iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for India and China

Apple is known as the leader in Smartphone market. However, with tough competition, the company will be launching iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for Indian and Chinese markets. Both markets have a lot of potential for Apple.

Though Apple happens to be the most successful in the Smartphone category, the company is having a tough time as the competitors are giving them sleepless nights. The biggest of the competitor happens to be Samsung. To take on the rivals, Apple will be announcing not one, but two brand new Smartphones.

At Cupertino, California headquarters of the company during an event, Apple unveiled a new iPhone for the customers worldwide. It is being reported that the new iPhone will have a must faster processor. There will be another iPhone model that will carry a lesser price tag.iphone5s-gold-rumour

Apple this time is targeting the Indian and the Chinese market for the simple reason that the markets in America and Europe have already saturated. Compared to that, the markets in India and China are still pretty much wide open. The people in these regions are not inclined towards upgrading to a new device as they used to do earlier. In the meantime, the profits for the company have slowed down as well.

To give the profits a push and find new markets, Apple had the choice of introducing low-cost iPhones and they are doing exactly the same thing. China is one such market for Apple where there is a healthy demand for iPhones. But just because of its hefty price tag, many potential consumers aren’t able to own one.

Once a comprehensively cheaper iPhone makes it way to the market, there will be significant market opportunities open for Apple, said Chetan Sharma, who is an independent telecom analyst.
As always, Apple has refused to comment on anything right now. But market analysts feel that the iPhone 5S may carry a better and faster processor. It might also carry an improved camera and a finger sensor to address security concerns.

The iPhone 5C will be the cheaper phone. This device will carry the same screen size as that of the iPhone 5. However, it will have a tougher plastic back and is likely to be available in a variety of colors.

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