Apple Sued Over Misleading Users With Storage Space

Promising higher storage space, among other features is one way to attract potential customers for handset manufacturers. But, what if reputed companies are involved in such misleading activities? If reports are to be believed, Apple promises more storage space, but actually provides lesser space. This has made Apple get involved in yet another lawsuit.

Storage Space

The US-based company is facing the suit in the court of law after it has been ‘found out’ that there is actually lesser storage space than what the company is promising.  The devices in question are the iPhone, iPod as well as iPad. There have been higher promised storing space in such devices, whereas the space available to the users was actually less.

What’s The Issue?

For devices like iPhone, which is one of the best selling gadgets from Apple, there is 16GB of space. However, according to the lawsuit, there is about 20% of space that is consumed by the OS itself, which is more than 3GB of storage space.


The problem aggravates when devices with 8GB of storage comes in the picture. According to a report from IBNLive, the digital storing space minimizes even further for such devices with half the storing space.

Users Not Getting Their Due

The suit says that Apple is promising more available storage capacity, but in reality is providing lesser space. This means users aren’t getting the space they are promised (when the features of the devices are spelled out). However, Apple gives it users 5GB of iCloud space for free.

However, if the entire available storage space is used up by the user, he is asked to pay monthly charges for the digital locker area through Apple’s iCloud service. According to the suit, this is business approach adopted by Apple that makes available lesser space. The space is then tried to be sold off to users who may suddenly feel the need to have that space at hand.

Legal representatives representing the case against Apple said that Apple should revert the profits they gained from the sales of these devices particularly in this regard. When Apple was contacted regarding this, they refused to comment over the allegations raised over them.

It must be mentioned that there was earlier a lawsuit filed against Apple on how it uses the storage space in their devices. However, the suit was dismissed. This dismissals was supported when it was challenged back in 2012.

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