Apple’s update for OS X Mavericks fixes Gmail issues

User had reported issues with Gmail after the update of the OS X Mavericks was launched recently. Now, Apple has come up with an updated Mail app. The update will solve issues related to Gmail like inability to delete or move mails.

Users were also unable to archive the messages with their custom Gmail settings. There was also a problem in the inaccuracy of counting unread mails. The update has also addressed this issue. There are supplementary fixes that will enhance the compatibility of the Mail.

First backup the system so you can access any data in case anything goes wrong. Then go to the Menu and click Software Update. This is where you can check for the available updates through Mac App Store. There is also the facility of downloading the manual download installer, just in case you need it.

Apart from the Mail app update, Apple has also come up with an updated version of the iBooks for Mac. The iBooks app came up with Mavericks and allows the users downloading the iBooks Textbook and iBooks.


There may be changes under the hood, however, there’s little for the users changes. However, there are features like Tags, Finder Tabs, iBooks as well as Safari browser. Under the hood changes also include longer battery life and faster execution.

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