The Asha series Nokia X Smartphone to launch in March

The Asha series Nokia X Smartphone is again in the news, now regarding the launch. It is expected to be launched in March, the latest reports say. The Nokia X, which is the budget Android phone, is also known as the Nokia Normandy. So, this Smartphone will be another addition in the Asha portfolio.

The report is said to have been arrived from GoAndroid, states an unidentified source from Nokia India that had also come up with the report about dual-SIM Windows Phone gadget. This is also identified as MoneyPenny. It is also expected to be launched in India in March.

However, it must be admitted that not all the rumors about the first ever Android device from Nokia can be trusted. But, there are indeed some trustworthy sources.

Initially it was reported that the Nokia Normandy would be launched during the MCW 2014 Barcelona event, which is scheduled for February 24. However, as the launch seems to have got postponed, this report looks a tad believable, at the moment.

In a leak last week, there were images revealed the design of the Nokia X. it is understood that a certain French Publication – No Where Else, had published three images. These images showed the front, the back as well as the rear panel of the Nokia Normandy.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was a fresh leak from Browsermark 2 benchmark’s database. It also showed the model number of the device – the RM 980. There weren’t many details in this leak. But, the image purportedly showed the device with the Nexus 5 wallpaper as well as home screen icons.

The device was listed on an online retailer in Vietnam. It is known to have revealed quite a lot of things about the new device including the specs like 4-inch TFT screen, 5MP back camera, 1GHz processor from Snapdragon and the latest Android 4.4 OS.

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