Ask Google Assistant Questions with Keyboard to make Life Simpler

After the successful launch of Google Assistant, the company is now ready to bring keyboards in game to make things easier. Now, ask Google Assistant questions with Keyboard using Smartphone and get swift answers.

Ask Google Assistant questions with keyboard

Ask Google Assistant questions with keyboard
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Keyboard and Mic for Google Assistant

Google is coming with an update for Google Assistant and will be adding a keyboard to it. Now, people can ask Google Assistant questions with keyboard by instantly hitting a keyboard button. The keyboard will work on Android, iOS and Google implementation as well. Rather than using the Mic for every query, now type your query using this little keyboard for Google Assistant.

How it works?

Google Assistant will be working in a different manner; it is going to be more visual rather than audible. Whenever there is any query typed through the keyboard, Google Assistant will revert using strict and visible replies as it is done in Allo. It is just like using Allo chatting app in Google Assistant, but there are some other features which make assistant different from Allo. Now, it can be paired with unique features like voice, keyboard or camera, thereby making this app different from Allo.

The best part of Google Assistant is that the history is available by scrolling up, instead of visiting the Google Account page every now and then. So, don’t worry, just ask Google Assistant questions with Keyboard and keep on clearing doubts and queries n number of times.


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