5 Best Brainy Multiplayer Games You Should Play As A Challenge

Best brainy multiplayer games are featured in this article that you can play with your friends or family to increase your IQ level. These brainy multiplayer games will help you to increase your decision power too.

Best Brainy Multiplayer Games

We do not use technology now instead we live it. We play best brainy multiplayer games to check our WhatsApp messages to Facebook feed. From the time we open our eyes to the time we close them, we are surrounded by technical things. These little things make our life easier and makes it better to live. From staying connected to playing games, everything is technology. To pass the leisure time with thrill and adventure, nothing can be as good as Xbox One X gaming that supports 4k.

To add cherry to the cake, best brainy multiplayer games have been released in bulk into the market. These best brainy multiplayer games help to build a competitive spirit among the youth and test their as well as other’s brains. There are various best brainy multiplayer games you can play with people across the countries and hence make new friends. Let’s check them one by one.

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1. Words With Friends (iOS | Android)

This game has been popular for a lot of time and is more or less like the scrabble game. In this game, we make new words with a limited amount of letters that are allotted to us. This game is a multiplayer game and can be played with anyone across different countries. The words must get connected with each other and the score depends upon the letters we use. The high point letters help us score more.

best brainy multiplayer games

2.  Trivia Crack (iOS | Android)

Trivia Crack is a game that suits all genres of people, be it children or adults. In this game, one has to set the goal of collecting characters from each of the six categories that are available. These categories are history, science, arts, geography, sports, and entertainment. To accomplish this aim, we have to answer the various questions correctly and earn points. As we cross the cutoff value, the goal is attained. This is multiplayer as well as turn based. We have to spin a dice to get our chance and this game can be easily started by logging in with the help of Facebook or Twitter.

best brainy multiplayer games

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3. Chess with Friends (iOS | Android)

If you wish to have a brainstorming session and want to test your brain thoroughly, Chess with Friends is the best option. This can be easily played by logging into Facebook and urge your Facebook friends to play with you as well. The advantage is that the chat notifications can be turned ON while playing the game and even the leaderboards can also be made visible.

best brainy multiplayer games

4. Maze King (iOS | Android)

Brain teasers are best to pass the time as they are short and quick. They add colors to the time if they are multiplayer in nature. This helps to showcase our problem-solving talent and judges our analytical skills against the other players. The game can be played against the known, as well as unknown people. To practice, the game can be played in Stage Mode and then can be taken to the Multiplayer Mode to play against a friend.

best brainy multiplayer games

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5. QuizUp (iOS | Android)

QuizUp is one of the most thrilling games of the Trivia series with a variety of topics to choose from. There are various topics like business, history, sports, politics, science, general knowledge, music, dance, etc. The aim is to answer the set of questions on a particular topic correctly and quickly. As we score higher, we move a level up. Through Facebook, we can search for other friends and outscore them and even chat with them.

best brainy multiplayer games

These games make our life thrilling and adventurous and help us pass the time quickly. Through them, we can also make new friends across the country. If you have any suggestions, do mention in the comments below and we will add to our list of best brainy multiplayer games.

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