6 Best iPhone GPS Apps

Looking to download best iPhone GPS apps but not able to decide which one to choose? Are you always on the move and GPS app is essential for you? If yes is you answer, please check the article showcasing all the best iPhone GPS apps.

Best iPhone GPS Apps

There was a time when we had to use local maps printed on a piece of paper or in form of a booklet to navigate through the city. If there is a change in the roads etc, it used to take months to show up in the next version of the printed maps. With the satellite-based navigation system, the things have changed. What started as a “strictly for official use” project for the governments, the satellite navigation or GPS has now reached in the hands of the common man. A few years back, the smartphones started to include the GPS chip as a part of the features they offer and since then the whole concept of navigation has changed across the world.

For those who own iPhones, we have compiled a list of best iPhone GPS apps that you can install on your phone and make the best use of the technology. Though the Apple and Google maps rule the market share, there are still some best iPhone GPS apps which are good enough to give them a run for the money. Some of the apps also offer offline navigation which can be a bliss in the areas where mobile network is a luxury to find.

1. Apple Maps

Launched in 2012, the main aim of the app was to replace the Google Maps in the iPhones. In the beginning, a few glitches (not in the app though) made the users skeptical about the application but as of now, it is one of the best apps you can find for your iPhone to navigate around. There is a feature that goes by the name Flyover that provides the detailed 3D structures making it easy for you to move ahead. From turn-by-turn instruction to live traffic details, this app has everything that you need. The best part is, it comes preinstalled on the phone.

best iphone gps apps

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2. Google Maps

Google Maps is without any doubt the most used navigation app across different platforms. Before Apple came up with its own application for GPS, Google Maps was an integral part of the iPhone system since the day 1. The application can still work perfectly with the latest models but there is no way to make it the default app if you want to. The application is free to download.

best iphone gps apps

3. Citymapper Transit Navigation

If you own a car and planning to use this app for turn-by-turn navigation, then it will disappoint you. However, if you are using it to navigate through the city via other modes of transport, this app is much better than majority of the applications available. The application gives you comparison for the journey time between walking, public transport, cycling and even cabs. It also gives the fare information for the major cab companies along with the rough calorie count that you will burn during the journey. The real-time information and updates are much faster than any other app making it easier for you if you want to change the route to avoid delays. The app is available for free in iTunes.

best iphone gps apps

4. CoPilot GPS – Car Navigation

The first question that comes to our mind while checking a paid app is that what exclusive it offers that the free apps can’t provide? Well, interestingly this app is much more reliable and better than majority of the apps when it comes to precision in the maps. It can be a lifesaver for the driver. It stores the maps on your device so that you can use it without data connection as well. It gives information about the traffic cameras, clear instructions and real-time update about the traffic making it easier for you to reach the destination faster. The quality of the roadmaps is also equivalent to the expensive dashboard navigation systems. The application is available at a price of $9.99.

5. Navmii GPS World: Offline Navigation and Traffic

Apart from the voice-guided navigation system, the application also stores offline maps so that you can use them without data connection. The application also integrates popular travel apps like TripAdvisor to get information about the nearest eateries and hotels etc. The application is available for free.

best iphone gps apps

6. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

This app is yet another amazing option for those who want to try their hands on interesting navigation apps. It allows you to store maps offline making it easier for you to navigate without a data connection. The features include voice-guided navigation, GPS directions, highlighted places of interest and real-time traffic updates. Other features that may entice you are parking availability and its pricing along with the speeding camera warning. The application is available for free.

best iphone gps apps

There are thousands of applications out there which you can use on your iPhone to navigate around the city. However, only a bunch of them offer exclusive features that are actually useful for you or some of them are not offered by your default navigation app. Installing an additional navigation app on your phone can definitely help you in the time of distress or when you are out of data. So, these are our picks for best iPhone GPS apps.

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