5 Best Online Riddle Games

Want to pass your time by playing best online riddle games? Don’t want to download any games on your game or desktop? If yes, this article is for you that feature some of the most popular online riddle games that surely help you to pass your time.

5 Best Online Riddle Games

Wish to excite the grey cells in your brain a little? The online riddle games are the best ones to help you do a little brain exercise. These are multi-level games and the codes, clues and hints are available at every stage to open the next stage and go to the next level. The most interesting part of these best online riddle games are that you need not restrict yourself to the game interface alone, you can go to just about anywhere to get the hints and cue and move to the next level. Some of the best online riddle games are given below.

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1. NotPron

The maker of the game has claimed it to be the hardest riddle game of its kind. This game is really exciting and one gets hints in every level to move on to the next. You can move on to  the next only if you are able to take the cue and is able to tap on the right spot on the screen, on change the URL or even finding an username and a password to go through to the next level.

You might even have to get the resources outside the game such a Google or even use the image editor. Initially the game starts with easier levels, which get harder after every level. The only way you can resume your previous progress is by bookmarking that particular level. It is also advisable by the creator that the gamer keeps track of the solutions of each level.

best online riddle games

2. OddPawn

This is another very popular game on the internet at present. This game has quite a number of levels and to play them you need to register for a free account. The game allows you to choose your level by it is advisable that you choose the first level otherwise getting on the progress is somewhat difficult as the levels become progressively harder.

Each of the levels consists of images and questions, answering which you are allowed to move on to the next level. It comprises of math, logic and so on. Looking for clues anywhere on the screen and off the screen is the key of the game. It also keeps track of your progress, but they suggest that you bookmark the last level to resume faster. The game also allows you to see the number of players playing it and how many have solved it.

best online riddle games

3. The DaVinci Code

If you are a fan of Dan Brown’s writing then this game is definitely meant for you. This a quick and easy game which is surely going to leave you feeling like a detective. However there might be a little problem with the game, which is figuring out the font for the hints. Otherwise it is a simple and easy game to pass a boring afternoon with.

best online riddle games

4. Amnesya

This riddle game requires a few added tools such as photo editor and audio editor. Similar to other online riddle games however you can change the URL and find clues anywhere to move on to higher levels. The clues might even be hidden in the source codes and images. A tutorial is available to ensure that you can begin the game easily, however you should mark your spot before leaving the game so that you can resume from it right away the next time you want it.

best online riddle games

5. Einstein’s Riddle

As the name suggests, the game is a pretty good mental exercise. It is a riddle game with a twist. It does not contain multiple levels. Just one level is mindboggling. In this level you will receive some information about five men and at the end of it you need to answer one question only. You can use your logic and calculations to find the answer to that single question.

You can drag and drop tiles to help you in the logic, however a pen and a paper always comes handy. Instead of the drag and drop you can also play another version where you need to make the selection from the drop down menu. The site helps you by letting you know that you have got a conflict in your answers.

best online riddle games

All these best online riddle games and many more are sure to make your dull day somewhat exciting and make use of your brain a little more. You can have a lot of brain exercise with these along with other riddle games online.

Most of these online riddle games are for free, however some comes with free registration into the game interface. Make the most out of these games and see how intelligent and logical you are. Some of these best online riddle games also allow you to see how many people you are competing against and make you a little more enthusiastic about the whole thing.

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