BlackBerry to bring in luxury phones Porsche Design

BlackBerry will be launching the Porsche-designed luxury phones, which are tagged to be ‘customized luxury phones’. The new phones are expected to carry a price tag of $2,400.

The company needed to turn to Porsche as they were finding it extremely difficult to sell their Z10 model. The Z10 comes at a price of slightly more than $600 without a contract and for less than $200 with a contract. And the cost of the Porsche-design P’9982 will be yours for a cost of $2,400.BlackBerry Porsche Design

The move looks to be counterintuitive as the company looks to term the product as a niche product. Porsche Design has joined hands with BlackBerry for the second time regarding a Smartphone. The Smartphone is said to be made of stainless steel and has Italian leather back door. Another 500 exclusively made models will carry crocodile leather cases, it was reported.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the phone will have a customized BlackBerry 10.2 version of the OS. There will also be an onscreen keyboard that will adapt itself to the way you use it for typing. There will also be a hub system to allow you to manage the content.

The phone was launched in London; however, it will not be before January when the phone becomes available in Canada. The company had launched a new OS back in February. However, it was hard for the company to find a good market. BB was seeking a buyer. But then the idea was dropped after they got a sound funding offer of $1 billion by Fairfax Holdings.

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