After BlackBerry, Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPhone 4 prices cut

After BlackBerry brought down the price of the Z10, the prices of Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPhone 4 have also been slashed. The Apple and Google gadgets like iPhone 5S and the second generation of Google Nexus 7 respectively, haven’t even made their way to India and the prices of previous models have already been cut.

The first generation Google Nexus 7 as well as iPhone 4 is being sold at lesser price tags as against their original higher prices. Apple had introduced EMI schemes along with an exchange offer and recorded higher sales. The online price of the gadget now is roughly around Rs. 21,500.Nexus 7

The said price is for the 8GB version of iPhone. The phone is being sold at Rs. 5,000 lesser. In the same way, the price of the 16GB version has also been brought down and now can be owned for Rs. 25,000 – less by Rs. 6,500. These models carry a warranty period of one year.

From now on, the iPhone 4 has officially been discontinued in India, which had landed in India around three years ago. This comes after the launch of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Also, Appls has removed the iPhone 4 from the list of its official gadgets on its India web site.

Google Nexus 7 also sees a cut in prices all across the models. The Wi-Fi only 16GB version now is available for only Rs. 9,999 on e-com web stores. The price has been slashed by Rs. 6,000. The official price of the 16GB Wi-Fi version was Rs. 18,999. But the lowered price now is Rs. 13,499.

The 32GB Wi-Fi 3G version, when launched, was available for Rs. 21,999, but now can be owned for Rs. 16,999.

The 2G Nexus tabs are in the international market already, though it remains to make itself available in India. The Google device should be in India before the turn of the year.

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