BlackBerry stops BBM rollout on account of leaked app

BlackBerry has stopped the global rollout of BBM thanks to the leaked app online. The stop came only a few hours after the company had opened their platform for instant messaging to take on Android branded phones.

The reason for stopping the rollout was known to be an unreleased version of the BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) app for the Android OS was supposedly leaked online.

The BlackBerry blog post said that the unreleased version has caused the issues and that they are trying to rectify things. According to the company stats, there were about 1.1 million such active users in less than 10 hours when the Android app wasn’t even launched officially.

The phone markers from Canada said that their teams are busy to get the BBM for iPhone as well as Android. However, it will be done only when the company certain that it can serve and live up to BBM’s expectations. “We are pausing the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone”, the company added.

As far as those customers are concerned who have downloaded BBM for the iPhone, they can continue using BBM. The unreleased Android application will understandably be disabled. Those customers who have downloaded the app should reach out to for registering for updates. This will make it feasible for the official BBM app for Android’s availability.

Step-by-step launch

The launch will now be spread over a period of time and will happen country-wise unlike the earlier planned global rollout. However, this issue hasn’t had any impact on the BBM services provided by BlackBerry. The roll back isn’t a good sign for BlackBerry, especially when they are trying to compete in such market that is highly dominated by companies like US-based Apple or the Korean Samsung.

The BB 10 phones did receive only lukewarm response in the market. However, the resolution of opening up BBM for platform other than BlackBerry did create some ripples among the enthusiasts.

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