Blackberry unveils all-touch BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone


Blackberry has unveiled the Blackberry Z30, its all-touch latest Smartphone. The launch is aimed at gaining the market share and to reach the position that it once held.
The Smartphone comes with a 13cm screen and boasts of the largest battery a Blackberry Smartphone has ever seen. To add to that will be the potential of the phone to have connectivity even in areas that have low-signal strength.
The phone features BlackBerry 10 OS v 10.2. The announcement from BlackBerry has come during those days when Apple is also busy with the launch of their new iPhones, which are expected to hit the market tomorrow – Friday, 20.
Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, which is a market research firm, had carried out some findings where they concluded that last year this time around, the BlackBerry OS was third on the popularity list. However, since then the sales have just gone down and down from 11 per cent to only 3.5 per cent in Britain.
However, now the Z30 Smartphone is built on the platform that has given BlackBerry the identity – the BlackBerry 10. It carries along with it features like the BlackBerry Hub apart from a leading and popular browser and touchscreen keyboard.
The latest offering from BlackBerry will be available only with selected carriers in the United Kingdom and parts of the Middle East. This will start roughly from the next week. The Smartphone will reach other locations going further in the upcoming holiday period.

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