Boeing to make ultra-safe self-destructive Black Smartphones

US aircraft maker Boeing is planning to make ultra-safe Smartphones Boeing Black. The Smartphone is manufactured keeping the people in defense as well as homeland security in mind. The information was given out on the web site of the company.

The company has filed papers with Federal Communications Commission earlier in the week. The details mention that the phone uses the Android OS and it is manufactured in the United States. However, it could not be understood which version of the Android OS the Boeing Black will incorporate.

The web site mentions: “The U.S. defense and security communities demand trusted access to data to accomplish their missions.” There is still no word if the phone is for sale or not. However, the site further mentions that the phone has been manufactured keeping security as the main criteria.

Boeing has made it clear that the Smartphone is set aside especially for the homeland defense agencies as well for the government defense purposes. The sub-contractors of the defense agencies are also liable for the Boeing Black.

The phone is made like a sealed gadget with both epoxy around the casing as well as screws. The heads of the screws are covered with a tamper-proof covering. This can help in making out if there has been any attempt of disassembling the device, which in turn ensures more safety.

If there is any attempt to break open into the casing, it sets off a function that deletes all the data along with the installed software. That’s not all, the functions renders the device itself totally inoperable.

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