Get 120GB Data on BSNL Sixer 666 Pack for 60 Days

BSNL sixer 666 pack is a sheer delight for customers where they will receive 120GB data and free unlimited calls at Rs. 666 only.

BSNL sixer 666

BSNL sixer 666
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Reliance Jio’s more than reasonable schemes have managed to attract loads of customers nationwide. But other telecom operators including BSNL don’t want to just sit back and watch their competitor wooing masses. While the BSNL sixer 666 pack offering 120GB data and unlimited calls is priced at Rs. 666, Reliance Jio’s data pack is available at Rs. 509. Another strong rival ‘Airtel’ had launched Airtel Monsoon Surprise for its postpaid customers. This shows how seriously the telecom operators are focusing on outdoing its competitors with more awesome and less costly packs.

As the validity of this super-saver pack of BSNL is 60 days, the prepaid customers will get never-ending 2GB data daily. And the best part is that you can make unlimited calls to almost any network. BSNL network is based on 3G service. A crucial point that takes Reliance Jio a little ahead of BSNL is its 4G network. However, it has been confirmed that Nokia will help BSNL and Bharti Airtel to set up a super-effective 5G network.

The director of BSNL, Mr. R.K. Mittal says, “BSNL offers best prices & plan to our mobile customers considering present trend of usability in industry. We are committed to providing affordable and efficient services to all segments of our mobile customers.”

It’s not the first move of BSNL that it launched its superb plan. In June-mid, it had launched Chauka 444 Plan providing 360GB data at Rs. 444 only. With BSNL’s popular offers such as Dil Khol ke Bol and Nehle pe Dehla, the customers have received special voice and data benefits.

It’s tempting to subscribe for BSNL sixer 666 pack as it gives you 120GB data and unlimited voice calling for 2 months. So, what are you waiting for? Start receiving ample benefits at reasonable rates today.


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