Carphone Warehouse Reveals Google Pixel Phone Listings

Carphone Warehouse leaks store listings of Google’s very first smartphones – Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. These Google Pixel listings reveal everything about the upcoming phones, leaving no mystery before their official launch.

Carphone Warehouse


Google was just about to raise the curtains off its first smartphone series,- where we had talked about the design revealed by the case makers – when Carphone Warehouse suddenly decided to steal its thunder. In just two days, the entire world was going to witness the official launch of Google’s new smartphones – Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. We were finally going to uncover the whole mystery behind these much-rumoured phones. But before we could get an official glance, Carphone Warehouse stepped in and spoiled it all for Google.

In a series of “accidental” leaks, Carphone Warehouse revealed several pictures and complete store listings of Google Pixel phones, exposing almost every single detail about the phones. The Google Pixel listings give out a complete picture of all the specs and features that these phones have to offer. Through the leaked listings it is pretty clear that both the devices will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, will come with 4GB of RAM, and an external storage of 32GB and 128GB, each. They will bear AMOLED displays with Gorilla Glass 4, and their screen size will be 5-inch and 5.5-inch, respectively. Apart from that, both the devices will sport fingerprint sensors on the back, along with a USB Type-C port on the bottom.

The Google Pixel listings also reveal the different battery set-up in both the devices. They show that Google Pixel will be powered by a battery of size 2770 mAh, which is slightly larger than that of Nexus 5X; while Google Pixel XL will be powered by a larger battery of size 3450mAh, which is somewhat similar to Nexus 6P. Both the devices, however, appear similar in their camera set-up. The phones don 8MP front and 12MP back cameras with optical image stabilisation. 

There are some additional features too, that Google has introduced in the new smartphones. The users will be able to enjoy free unlimited photo storage, with high resolution via Google Photos. They will also get an additional access to Google Allo (the new messaging app),Google Duo (the new video call app) and Google Assistant. The leaks also hint that the phones will be accompanied by Live Cases, that have been created by Google, especially for these devices. Users will be able to incorporate images from Google Earth on these cases, to give the phone an interesting look.

I must say that Carphone Warehouse has revealed a bit too much about the Google Pixel Smartphones, through these leaks. There is nothing new left to discover about the smartphones, now. One can but imagine Google’s anger towards Carphone Warehouse, for spoiling their surprise. But, we all know that this is not the first time such incident has happened! We all remember the image leaks of Google Pixel White and Google Pixel XL Black by Bell Canada, don’t we? Let’s see how Google copes up with these incidents and prepares itself for the devices’ launch in two days. Good Luck, Google!

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