CES 2018 News: Unveiling All The Upcoming News

After all the news and rumours going on for a long time, time for CES 2018 to reveal everything in its store. CES 2018 news is more like a Pandora ’s Box.

CES 2018 News

9th January is a big day this year for CES. Tech news and excitement has started and will continue until the 12th of January. The event is in Las Vegas and many announcements have taken place. To name a few are 8K televisions, HTC Vive headset, ultra-thin laptops and even new Sony Smartphones. That is quite a good start.

Many tech companies have come up with Artificial Intelligence as well as Voice Assistants. Be ready for a new smart world after this event. Being the biggest and much-awaited technology show on the planet, most of the big giants like Google, IBM, Intel (launching Quantum supremacy), Sony, Dell and more companies are taking part.

Samsung had Wall Modular TV to showcase, Bixby assistant and even a technology by which 85 inches Q9S TV can use AI to get to 8K. Bixby is the name of the brand’s personal voice assistant. From smart home category, smarter fridges are the highlight. Notebook Spin 7 is a new addition and even the curved QLED monitor with Thunderbolt 3.

Smart home control will be helpful for people who already have Samsung Gear S3. You can also use the smart control system for people with Gear Sport. Now, sitting at one place, you can control the lights and music system of the house and much more than this.

Many revelations are still about to take place. We can’t miss a single second as too many things are happening. Let us wait and watch what the remaining three days have in store for every tech lover. People from different places have come together to witness the year’s one of the biggest launches.



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