Apple to Announce Cheaper Apple iPads aimed at Educational Market

Apple is reported to release cheaper Apple iPads which will be aimed at students and educators at the March 27 event in Chicago.

Cheaper Apple iPads

Cheaper Apple iPads
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The iPad is the most sold and loved tablets around the world. Though they might come across as pricey, the features they come with are almost all the time worth the price tag. Though Apple has consistently been producing top of the line iPads, it seems the principles are being reversed. Apple is reportedly going to announce a more middle priced version of the iPad at its upcoming March 27 event in Chicago.

Why such a move by Apple? Among the various markets that technology companies aim is also the educational market. The educational market is worth around $17.7 billion globally and almost 60% of the market is owned by Google. Why by Google? Because Google and its related products are cheap when compared to its competitors, namely Apple.

Cheaper Apple iPads

The current cheapest iPad will cost you Rs. 32,000 for a 32GB variant. That is expensive for students to buy a tablet for that price when cheaper Chromebooks and Windows laptops are available for a way lesser price. Hence it would only make sense for the company to produce cheaper Apple iPads for the educational market to have access to its ecosystem.

Although rumors are very strong about this new variant of iPad, reports have also emerged that a new cheaper line of MacBooks also might be released, which will be aimed at the educational market.


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