‘Clash Royale’ February Update Brings The Best Counter Against Graveyard

The latest Clash Royale February Update was released yesterday and Supercell has introduced ‘Poison Spell,’ the one powerful attack that puts the enemy in the Graveyard. The update also revealed what users can expect in the next March update.

Clash Royale February Update

Clash Royale February Update
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 Supercell Announces Two Major Updates For ‘Clash Royale’

On February 13, 2017, Supercell announced that Clash Royale players would be receiving two updates to the game of which one went live recently. The other update will be out in the month of March and it is going to be one of the most important updates. The March update is said to bring major bug fixes and fresh content into the game. On the other hand, the Clash Royale February update has already brought in a number of minor yet essential balance changes. The update also includes the most difficult counter to the Graveyard Spell.

‘Clash Royale’ February Update

Apart from the minor balance changes, the addition of the direct counter attack to the Graveyard spell is seen as the comeback of the ‘poison spell’. The following are the details of the Clash Royale February update based on patch notes.

The damage level of the executioner has been brought down by six percent. The range of the executioner has been reduced to 4.5 tiles from five tiles. The splash radius has also gotten a ten percent cut down. The damage level for the Witch has also been reduced by six percent.

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Poison Spell Can Now Counter Graveyard

The duration of Poison has been reduced by two seconds from 10 seconds to eight seconds. The overall damage per second (DPS) has been pumped up by 24%. Though the duration has been reduced, the increase in DPS helps to demolish almost the entire swarm units quickly. The Poison can counter the Graveyard Spell by wiping out all the skeletons without bringing any damage to the Crowned Tower.  It is the best counter for the Graveyard Spell that attacks a second earlier.

Other Minor Changes

The deploy time for P.E.K.K.A has been reduced from three seconds to one second. The HP for Dark Price has been increased by five percent and the range for Baby Dragon has been increased from three tiles to 3.5 tiles. There will be a total of four Skeletons, which is more effective against tanks and battle ram now. Last but not least, the Skeleton Army shall now bring 15 skeletons from the card.

Looks like Supercell has brought in a major change in the game with a number of minor tweaks. Fans are also excited about the upcoming March update which will bring new content and important bug fixes for the executioner and more.


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