Declining iPhone X Sales And Steps That Apple is Taking to Revive

According to the report and analysis, iPhone X sales are not satisfied as per the expectation. Though before the launch of this phone there is no effort left in the promotion still the result is not satisfied. According to the experts iPhone X failed to boost up the global demand which has Declining iPhone X sales. Even Apple official agree with this stats. And cut its first-quarter shipments from fifty million units to 30 million units which are very disappointing.

Declining iPhone X sales

So, what are the main reasons behind this declining of iPhone X sales and why iPhone X sales are decreased? If you want to know the reason, then you are at the right place.

Here in this post, we are going to discuss some important causes for which iPhone X sales went sluggish. So let’s start with more details.

1. High Price obvious a key reason

We all know Apple has a pricing issue. For a normal customer, it’s quite difficult to go with Apple phone. And Apple iPhone X is way costly and it distracts people towards another brand. The starting cost of iPhone X is around $999 which is too much for customers and this is the main reason Apple faced declining sales on iPhone X.

2. Nothing New (No innovation)

Though it sounds cheap yes, it’s one of the strong points behind the iPhone X sluggish. According to experts face id scanning and new design with some cutting edge are not enough according to the price of iPhone X. There is no such new innovation in this phone so why the customer should upgrade their phone with this handset.

Declining iPhone X sales

3. Strong competition

Strong competition is another key factor which affected iPhone X sale badly. Samsung, Huawei, One Plus, Xiaomi are some good competitor of iPhone and these brands are providing good handset with less than the iPhone X and this is the main thing which causes the less sale of iPhones.

4. iPhone 8 still better

The report says that people are more interested in iPhone 8 rather than iPhone X because iPhone 8 is very chipper than iPhone X and there is nothing big difference between these two handsets. It’s true that iPhone 8 is still attracting people and customers have no interest to spend almost $1000 on iPhone X. This is another important reason behind the less demand and sales of iPhone X.

Declining iPhone X sales

Though the sales and demand of iPhone X are not that much high still Apple is trying its best to up the sales. Apple is trying to provide new colors and lower price tags on some particular segment to up the sales. Let’s discuss some points which Apple is trying to enhance the sale of iPhone X.

  • Apple is trying to launch its Blush Gold color of iPhone X online. According to rumor,r this color variant is going to replace the silver and space grey color variant. The RED variant also comes in front of various sources. Apple knows people like to use Red color iPhone and that’s the reason it is going to launch the iPhone X Red which may give a better result and enhance the sale of iPhone X.

Declining iPhone X sales

  • Apple is also planning to give the low price tag on its new variant iPhone X which will cost around $899. In this upgraded version of iPhone X, you will get upgraded high-quality edge to edge bezel-less display. Apple is also planning to provide a 6.5-inch screen with the OLED display. You can also purchase the 6.1-inch display iPhone X at just $700. These are some things on which apple are working to improvise their sale of iPhone X. So if you think these initiatives can grow the sales of iPhone X then never forget to comment below.

Declining iPhone X sales

Final words

No doubt Apple is a reputed brand and provides high-quality Smartphones but in this competitive world, Apple needs to work on towards new innovation and design too. Nowadays people are smarts enough to judge the price according to the features and other required things. When they will get better option within less price range from any other trusted brand then they will never hesitate to go with their products. No doubt Apple is trying to grab the attention of the customers by giving low price tag and new attractive color handsets but the future will say the result! of its declining iPhone X sales

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