A Glance at Different Countries showing Different iPhone 7 Costs

“Mapping the World’s Prices” annual report is announced by Deutsche Bank showing different iPhone 7 costs in different corners of the world.

iPhone 7 Costs

iPhone 7 Costs

Comparison Given in the Report

The report is published by Jim Reid, a strategist and the writer of “Early Morning Reid” who emphasises on comparing prices of everyday goods selling in global cities. He has mentioned the different prices of iPhone 7 prevailing in 33 countries including Turkey, Russia, Greece, India and the United States. The report states that in Turkey, Brazil, and Russia, the iPhone 7 costs are 25-30% higher than in the US. On the other hand, “Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Canada enjoy a small amount of premium than US prices,” says Reid.

The amalgam of the politically unstable condition in Turkey and Donald Trump taking the presidency is enough to smash Lira and appreciate US dollar against global currencies. The after effects of smashing made Turkey the most expensive place to buy an iPhone showing iPhone 7 costs the highest there among 33 countries.

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