5 Sites to Download Free Ebooks

This article will cover best sites to download free ebooks. These sites will help you download free ebooks related to any niche such as fiction, adventure, science, history, etc.

Download Free Ebooks

“There is no friend as loyal as a book and some sites that let you download free ebooks.” If you are a ferocious reader, you will never feel lonely as your books and the stories you read will always accompany you everywhere. Books are a uniquely portable magic that fills our life with fun and frolic. They are the store of wit and knowledge which can be carried everywhere. Through books, we come into contact with great poets, scholars and philosophers which help us build our character.

We eventually become the type of books we read as they always guide us to the right path. Imagine how easy it would be if we did not have to carry the bulky books everywhere, instead we are able to read our favorite books anywhere and everywhere. Through the evolving technology, it is possible with the help of Ebooks or the electronic books. Ebooks are the kind of books available in a digital format which can be downloaded and read free of cost as there are some sites that allow you to download free ebooks.

There are various sites from where you can download free books in just a matter of minutes. Find out all the sites from where you can download free ebooks without any hassle.

1. Google Ebook Store

This is the exclusive book store by Google where you can download free ebooks. You can easily filter some of the top sellers, best sellers, favorite classics, and many other books depending on your choice. A variety of books concerning all the age groups are easily available. You can even search for your favorite by writing the title in the search box and pressing Enter. There is also an option to rate the books accordingly. The best books are rated 5 stars and so on and even the reviews can be shared. From novels to recipes to our favourite Chacha Chaudhary comics, all are easily accessible.

download free ebooks

2. BookBon

BookBon is a complete shelf from where you can download free ebooks and textbooks. If you are searching for a particular reference textbook or any business book, then my friend you are at the right place. BookBon has in store more than thousand versatile books at zero cost. The best part is the easy navigation of the books and above all, if we wish to download a particular book, we need not register or make an account. The work will be done just in a single click. It also has the system of ratings and reviews which helps the customers to go for the best from the whole lot.

download free ebooks

3. Free Ebooks

From fiction to facts, mystery to romance, comic to drama, it is a perfect store where you can find all the genres of books. You can discover all the upcoming or the rising authors or can even search for the well established ones. There are more than thousands of classics and the best part is they all are listed according to their genre. There is also a special blog where people share their reviews and all about books. It also possesses the method of ratings to refine the best books aside.

download free ebooks

4. BookBub

BookBub features a limited time offer in which it features some of the best books which can be downloaded almost free of cost which if purchased normally costs a large amount. It features books in more than twenty genres which are all written by independent and critically acclaimed authors as well as top tier publishers. You need to make an account, sign in and then the entire shelf is yours. You can easily read the books on Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Android. No rating and review system yet one of the best sites for books.

download free ebooks

5. LibriVox

Isn’t it more happening if someone just reads out a book for you and you have to just listen and enjoy. This reminds us of our childhood days when our mothers used to read stories to us so that we could get a sound sleep. This is possible again through LibriVox. It has the two options where we can read the books or simply listen to the audio of the books. The portal is continuously outgrowing itself and increasing the genres it deals with. Currently there are a less number of books but are easy to download. These include classics as well as the out of print books.

download free ebooks

E-Books can be equally fun to read if put into habit. There is no wastage of paper and you can read them at any moment of time or at any place. If you know some better sites to download free ebooks, do mention in the comments below and we will include in our list of sites to download free ebooks

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