DROID Turbo Getting the Android 6.0.1 Update Finally

The original DROID Turbo has now rolled out an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update. The report has been spotted at the XDA Developers forum and finally the update seems to reach the users.



The original Droid Turbo had been released some two years back. The phone as we know carries the Motorola brand on Verizon has rarely received software updates. But it seems that a good time has returned to Droid users. The phones have started receiving an OTA update for Android 6.0.1. This report has been caught on the dedicated XDA-Developers forum. Earlier this month, there was a performance test that was also found a clearing that the update is all set to roll out to the device.


Motorola had previously published a report saying that Turbo was placed on the priorities of Marshmallow recipients. Though the company is tad late but it’s good to see that it kept the word and released the update finally. We know the latest version of Android is already out and a few devices have already made their entry with Android 7.0 and some of them just announced to get the update.


You might think that Marshmallow update in the Turbo is not an updated version. But we are happy that the device is finally rolling an update (yet better than the previous one). A point worth mentioning is the latest DROID Turbo 2 has also received the Marshmallow update in the month of February. A while back we saw a report mentioning the devices to get the Nougat update.


This update comes with the version 24.81.5 along with the ASOP security patch is coming from the 1st September. Some of the users have unlocked their bootloader using something like Sunshine or others. For them, the XDA Developers have provided a ROM file. These files can be flashed by using a custom recovery. There is an over-the-air file as well targeting users who want the stock software.


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