More Edge Sense Features for HTC U11: Latest Teaser Video

With the latest Edge Sense features for the HTC U11, you can finish up your work with ease and no hassles at all. Watch this teaser video to know more.

Edge Sense Features

HTC U11 bend test, Edge Sense features
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Believe it or not, but the Edge Sense features are the USP of this HTC U11. It’s the latest flagship from HTCM, which is termed as the squeezable Smartphone. The Edge Sense puts the HTC U11 in a different league altogether. The idea behind the phone’s feature is to press the sides of the phone to carry out various features as you can see in the video below.

Though we are talking about the successful application of the squeezable action for carrying out various tasks, the HTC U11 bend test was kind of a failure. But it looks like the Edge Sense has made up for that by integrating various features in this phone.

The Taiwanese company has released the video that shows a few examples of how the Edge Sense works. With the squeezable action, you can zoom out or zoom in a picture, which is apart from some more functions. You can use Google Calendar or even answer calls with this feature, that’s why the functioning is even easier. These Edge Sense features are certainly awesome, but it’s still unsure of when HTC will launch them in this phone.

In the meantime, HTC had also launched one more variant of the HTC U11 lineup. It’s the HTC Solar Red U11. As the word “Solar Red” implies, the phone has vibrant red color. The interesting thing is that the colors of the phone change according to the light’s reflection between red and orange.

Let’s know what you feel about the Edge Sense features and the way it brings newer ways to interact with your device.


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